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"Choose Charters helped us double our student enrollment applications in just 30 days." - T. Chesney, Principal of Storefront Academy
"Within 30 days of working with Choose Charters, we doubled our applications and our social media following! Six months later, we have the biggest waitlist we've ever had and we know it's due, in large part, to the wonderful work Choose Charters does to reach the communities of color, and especially our Spanish-speaking families." - E. Odeleye, Co-Founder and Co-Director at Achiever's Early College Prep
"Choose Charters was instrumental in helping us think about how to... reach families and the community." - V. Silva, Principal, Democracy Prep Public Schools
"If you are struggling with recruitment and enrollment, I strongly recommend that you work with Choose Charters." - W. Ramos, Chief of Staff, New Heights Academy Charter School
"We decided to work with Choose Charters and, as a result, we were able to not only meet our enrollment targets but generate enough interest that we have a healthy waiting list." - C. Zilinski, Principal, Integration Charter Schools