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Coming to Hillside, NJ in 2024!

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Hillside Community Charter School Application Support

NOTE: By completing this form, you are stating your support for Hillside Community Charter School! This form will help us to ensure that the opening of HCCS centers around the needs and wants of Hillside community members.

Grade of Interest / Grado de Interés (Select all that apply)



Our Mission


Academic Model

Hillside Community Charter School is a tuition-FREE public charter school coming to Hillside, NJ in 2024!

Provide a nurturing and cooperative learning community where each student can achieve his/her maximum academic, creative and physical potential.

At Hillside Community Charter School, we assume that children can learn more than is commonly assumed and the true gift of education is to teach children how to learn and how to become independent problem solvers. It is the responsibility of the school to educate the whole child.

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